The Final

29 May
6:00 - 8:00 pm

7 Teams

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WANT TO WIN £20,000*?

*including £10,000 of Amazon Web Services credits


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Why join Programm/able 2018?


1-to-1 business advice

Selected participants will receive bespoke advice on how to start up their business from Imperial Innovations or Imperial Enterprise Lab. This also gives you access to both organisations' wide networks of inventors, founders, and industry professionals.


Pitch training

Shortlisted projects will attend a specialised pitch training session in preparation for the finals.


Present to the best

Ten finalists will have the opportunity to present their business to a panel of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry representatives.

Now closed for submissions!

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Want to launch your own business?
Looking for Support and Guidance?
wANT TO WIN £10,000?

Win £20,000* to fund your project!

including £10,000 of Amazon Web Services credits

Programm/able is a software and business competition organised by Imperial Innovations and Imperial Enterprise Lab.

Staff and students from across Imperial College London are invited to submit software-based projects with commercial potential and at an early-stage of development. Judged on criteria that include technical ingenuity, commercial opportunity, and potential impact, selected teams are offered a chance to pitch their product or business idea to a panel of entrepreneurs, experts, and industry heavy weights, with a chance at winning a funding and development support package worth £20,000. Finalists also receive 1-on-1 business advice from Innovations and the Lab.

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Now closed for submissions!

Thank you to all participants in this year's competition! Details on the Final to come soon!

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Who can apply?

The competition is open to staff and students from across Imperial College London. Your team may include people from outside Imperial, but must have someone from College as the main contact.

What kind of projects are you looking for?

For a project to be accepted, it must have a piece of software as its main component. This can range from mobile apps, to full desktop programmes; from SaaS to software-based consultancy.

You will have thought about how future users can interact with your programme, and about the potential impact it could have on individuals, industry, or society.

Wed don't expect you to have a fully fleshed out business plan (we can help with that). But if you have the makings of one, include a summary in the "is there any more we should know?" section of the application form.

Last year's winners: FaceSoft

FaceSoft is able to recreate facial structure based on a small number of images much more accurately than existing technologies. The software can build accurate facial models based on single images or image sequences taken with standard camera equipment. The technology that drives FaceSoft was developed by Dr Stefanos Zafeiriou (pictured), Associate Professor in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, and Dr Allan Ponniah, a plastic surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital. Digital facial reconstruction has a range of potential uses in areas such as medicine, entertainment, and security.

After winning Programm/able 2017, FaceSoft used its Proof-of-Concept funding to further develop the idea into a product. Part of this included accessing data servers and processing power for the team to build a reference database from a population of different age groups and ethnicities. The founders have continued to work with Imperial Innovations to identify their best route to market and develop a business plan.